Beverage Trends to Look for in 2019

While you may tend to stick to your “go-to” drink, there are some hot trends to look out for this year in the beverage world. In 2018, we saw a lot of creativity in the industry and we’re looking forward to upcoming 2019 beverage trends. Our experienced team has compiled a list of some of the top trends to look out for, so you’re already one step ahead.

Craft Beer Continues to Grow

2018 was a huge year for craft beer and it’s just going to keep growing in popularity in 2019. Featuring exciting new flavors and tastes, craft beer sales are rising more than ever. With that, look out for more craft breweries and microbreweries to open up this year. Once you go craft, you rarely go back… isn’t that what they say these days?

Spotlight on High-End Premium Spirits

With millennials putting health & wellness at the forefront of their lifestyles, it’s no surprise that they’re seeking out drinks with fewer calories and high quality ingredients. This is paving the way for high-calorie, low alcohol content beverages to be substituted with high-end spirits such as whiskey, tequila and scotch.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks on the Rise

In case you missed our dry January post, check out the non-alcoholic drinks that are continuing to increase in popularity. In that same category, you’re going to see more and more mocktails making their ways onto menus. Bartenders are getting creative with elaborate “cocktails” that in fact have no alcohol at all.

Crushable Favorites

Canned cocktails, wine and beer continue to make waves in the beverage industry. With the ability to be easily transported to experiences like tailgates, boating, and concerts, we’re seeing more beverages available in cans. Keep it crushable, we’ve got plenty of options in store!

Like any industry, the alcohol industry continues to be competitive, driving creativity and exciting trends. Stay on the look out for some fun innovations in beer, wine and spirits offerings in Bottles this year!