Consider Us Your Booze Sherpas


Our selection can be overwhelming, we get it! Not to worry though, our beer, wine, and spirits experts are always on hand to help guide you to your next favorite selection.

Jonathan, our beer manager, wants guests to feel like they are at home when they come into the store. One thing he loves to point out to customers in the store is the wide selection of local, regional and international beers available:

We love to carry products you may not be able to get elsewhere or even just something local that you haven’t been able to try yet.

One of the beer trends we continue to see is the popularity of sour beer. It started out in Belgium and has become a trend in the United States. In store, we have local breweries’ versions of sour beer as well as beer imported from Belgium. 

Westbrook Brewery in Mount Pleasant has their version of the sour beer, the Gose. It is sweet and sour with a salt note. It’s thirst quenching and perfect for a hot day! Edmund’s Oast has Order of Magnitude which is a sour beer with mango quavo with a salt note. 

Another trend we continue to see on the rise, is the popularity of craft beer. Hazy beers are all the rage right now. They tone down the bitter hop and bring in more of a sweet taste. They are easier to drink than darker, heavier beer. 

At Bottles, we have the largest selection of local beers and it is growing weekly. We also carry beer from breweries all over the country. If it’s not beer you are looking for, our experts are here to help you find the perfect bottle of wine or spirits. We’ll help you pair drinks with certain foods and recommend something completely new for you to try! Don’t forget to check out our weekly beer, wine and spirits tastings to expand your palate.