Sample Firefly Distillery Bourbon at the New Park Circle Location (and at Bottles!)

Firefly Distillery

Firefly Distillery is Charleston’s oldest working distillery. They just moved their operations to North Charleston with a brand new 25,000 square foot space in Park Circle. The new location is right on Noisette Creek with marsh views and plenty of green space. Well known for producing the world’s first Sweet Tea Vodka, the distillery makes a wide range of spirits including vodka, moonshine, rum and bourbon.

In fact, one of the only places you can try Firefly Distillery’s craft bourbon is at the new location. One of the other places is at Bottles!

We were fortunate enough to be selected by Firefly Distillery co-owner Scott Newitt as one of the first retailers to carry it on our shelves. Firefly Distillery bourbon

Firefly Distillery Expressions Bourbon introduces a nose of smoky oak that transitions to a warm, subtle toffee. On the pallet, a buttery, dried apricot yields to a soft vanilla caramel whose lingering sweetness finishes to a punch of cinnamon toast with slightly charred crust. Thirsty yet?

If you haven’t been out to Firefly’s new distillery, be sure to book your tour and tasting! They have food trucks and live music every Saturday. And stop in to Bottles for all of your Firefly favorites.