Summer Beers Are Here: What to Look Out For


One of our favorite times of the year is here – warmer weather means transitioning into summer suds! There are plenty of refreshing beers out there that hit the spot on a hot summer day. Our beer experts are here to give a little insight into what you’ll see on the shelves this summer and have gathered some popular beer options to replace the rosé or fruity cocktails.

A shandy goes with summer like cake goes with birthdays. This summer you’re likely to see shandy’s and raddlers popularity on the rise, along with a spike in saisons, goses and sours. Everything light and crisp will continue to take off, along with session IPAs and of course, flavored seltzers.

Here in South Carolina, we’re lucky to have breweries mixing up some top notch summer suds. Found in our local beer aisle, some of our current seasonal favorites include:

  • Holy City Brewing’s Sparkly Princess – a sour IPA that is hoppy, tart and full of citrus
  • Holy City Brewing’s Paradise – session IPA
  • Fatty’s Beer Works F Light – classic American Lager brewed with local grits
  • Any of Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.’s monthly rotating sours
  • COAST Brewing Co’s Helles Lager – a light beer meets German hops
  • River Rat’s Twisted Lemon Wheat Ale – crafted with a touch of lemon peel, providing a crisp finish
  • Lo-Fi Brewing’s Mexican Lager – simple Mexican Lager made with whole leaf hops
  • Steel Hands Brewing Iced Tea Ale – brewed by steeping black tea leaves in cold beer (available in Columbia only)

With summer beers making their debut for the season, a make-your-own 6-pack at Bottles is all you need to mix and match and try different varieties. Ask our experts about some other new releases or give one of these a try!