What is Natural Wine?

Natural Wine is essentially wine made without adding or removing anything in the cellar. It is farmed organically and made without any additives or processing aids. The microbiological life of a vineyard determines successful fermentations. This microbiological life stays with the wine from the moment the vineyards are planted, even making its way into the final bottle. The result? Living wine from living soil.

Currently, there are no legal definitions of natural wine, however, various groups of growers from various countries have come up with far stricter regulations than those imposed by official organic or biodynamic certification organizations. All require organic farming, prohibit the use of any additives, processing aids, or heavy manipulation equipment in the cellar.

Natural wine differs from organic wine in that organic wine may be produced from organically grown grapes, but may be chemically and physically manipulated in the winemaking process. While all natural wine is organic, not all of it is vegan.

To make natural wine easier to find in the store, we’re going to be placing these stickers on the shelf tags:

In the meantime, check out a few of our favorites:

Frey Natural Red: Medium bodied, well balanced, and smooth, with a bright
garnet hue. The finish is crisp and fruity. An excellent everyday red, carefully
crafted with organic techniques. This wine pairs well with a wide variety of cuisine
from picnic fare to holiday feasts.

Aphros Vinhao: Opaque violet color. the aroma shows red fruits and some vegetal, with sower cherry and cassis notyes, complexed by spicy and mentholated nuances. On the palete firm yet round tannins prevail, in hand with a crisp acidity that makes this wine enormously gastronomic and persistent.

Le Rocher Des Violettes Petillant Originel: Pétillant naturel comes from chenin blanc vines that are more than 40 years old, two-thirds of the fruit fermented in stainless steel, the rest in old wooden vats, all without added yeasts. It transforms the richness of Montlouis chenin into a bright, refreshing sparkler with ripe golden-apple flavors that are both sumptuous and completely dry.

Poe Van Der Kamp Pinot Noir: Enticing notes of wild currant, violets and wet sagebrush on the nose. On the palate, firm tannins, with notes of white pepper and dark black fruit. A rustic interpretation of Pinot that can be enjoyed with food or without.